N26 has been reviewed by customers all around the world and we love hearing from you. I raised a number of chargebacks due to online shopping issues. N26 has app-based, so you control your accounts from your smartphone. In this review, we will have a look at the Business Account option that has taken the business world by the storm. They said they will transfer my funds but no certain time when. N26 is Excellent N26 is excellent. N26 offers very good benefits, commission-free withdrawals and free SEPA wire transfers, you can send money between N26 accounts immediately and the credit card … Descubre lo que opinan 12.657 personas y comparte tu propia experiencia. N26 is great bank account alternative to traditional banks for individuals and self employed people who travel or do business in multiple currencies. N26 Business You – This charges EUR 9.9 per month. N26 Metal – This account gives you a metallic Mastercard debit card. Reply. I have worked in Spain on contract for many years and so I was entitled to ERTE (a benefits payment system for people who are paying into the system). Just like some other online banks, N26 offers great value to its users. N26 has app-based, so you control your accounts from your smartphone. The website claims that you … ... John ( Ireland) Useful. N26 offers very good benefits, commission-free withdrawals and free SEPA wire transfers, you can send money between N26 accounts immediately and the credit card comes home for free, within days, the card is a MasterCard. Check out what 13,108 people have written so far, and share your own experience. There are a few things that I wanted to do differently compared to other N26 reviews. We’ve received over 6.400 5-star reviews in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, and we’ve also received over 3.200 emails from our customers at ideas@n26.com just this year. If you're scouring the web for a thorough N26 review, you're in the right place. They have blocked my account without giving any reason, the account had money which I still have not received, have been waiting for months.P.S they said we are going to give your money back, but when?I don't worry about account, give my money back that's all!I send email to support no answer.они заблокировали мой счет без причины, на счету были деньги, которые я до сих пор не получил, жду месяцами.P.S они сказали мы вернём ваши деньги но когда? It is a good card. The website claims … Use your N26 debit card for free at over 55,000 AllPoint ATMs worldwide. The app is really well designed, works perfectly and looks good too. Discriminate based on your citizenship even if you are an Italian resident with legal and valid documents. THE REAL PROMOTION VALID 2021 IS FROM €5 TO €15 NO MORE, BASED ON THE ACCOUNT THAT YOU WILL CHOOSE whoever wants to try N26 during registration the code:alessiov3607 and receive the bonus as soon as a credit card payment of €10 or more is made in a physical store, in practice and as if you would have a coupon.I have been a customer for over a year and I find the N26 bank very good, easy and comfortable to use. Let’s start this N26 review with some background information. N26, not really a bank by any stretch of the imagination. In this article, I’ll elaborate on the features, pros, cons, and other details of N26 – the new generation bank account.. It’s perfect for people who travel, and want to have a good overview of their finances through a seamless app. I wanted to leave like Commerzbank, because they charged fees for everything. I did some fast research on this problem and sure enough there were many N26 customers complaining about this lack of service.Then, just a few days ago I entered a main Spanish bank and tried to pay some cash into my N26 account. N26 online Bank review. With the terms and conditions, you quickly notice that the company does not want to keep customers long, they only allow customer one day to comment, otherwise the complaint will no longer be processed and further emails will be ignored!.I contacted JudithMacrina At Yahoo..màil she helped me retrieve fair amount of my lost funds without any hitch, to those who have been affected or in similar situation, get in touch with her. N26 is excellent. N26 now has more than 5 million customers across Europe and the USA, with almost 200,000 in Ireland. To top up the account you can make wire transfers or in cash using the CASH26 function, which allows you to top up your account in the supermarkets participating in the initiative, however there are commissions of €3 per top-up and a maximum of €400 per operation can be recharged. N26 the best amongst them all. Also, you can earn 5€ with this referral code: orlandoz6336PROSMobile app, Free account, card, and very low feesFree ATM withdraws (3 per month anywhere worldwide) and Inexpensive currency exchangeCONS 24X7 phone support not available, Limited to Europe & US and Potential re-verification issues. It can also make life of international travellers much easier and save them some money on all the basics. It has a 0.1% cashback on all purchases. This seems questionable as I can access my other domestic bank accounts directly through phone or web seemingly without breaking any laws.This for me is a major flaw and i fail to see why thay changed policy .Also customer support is not great .If travelling I would recommendkeeping your main cash in traditional bank and just transfer what you need for your immediate use.It leaves you really exposed if you lose your your phone and I would give it 5 stars except for this.Apart from that it works very well abroad and way more cheap than traditional debit cards patiticularly the N26You which I use. I would resolve this issue easy on my own with my landlords, but when I tried to download transfer confirmations, I got the same confirmations with the same date of 1st of December for both of the payments, so I’m missing the evidence to resolve my problem. N26 Paid all monies owed to me. I was sharing a great impressions of N26 as you – I was telling everywhere it is the best bank. Hi. N26 is Excellent N26 is excellent. In 2016, I switched to N26. In 2019 the N26 bank replaced their premium N26 black card with the new N26 You card. You might discover what you've been missing all these years! Make a statement with N26 Metal. I had an account with them and already transferred money to it and done purchases then suddenly the app stops logging in and after a period I decided to mail their complains dept as you can only chat with them through the app that never logs in and I get a reply after 10 days that my account is suspended I never received a notification alerting me of that action I never received a clear clarification of suspensionThey decided to suspend/close the account and never thought to send my credit on the account back to me Very unprofissional and poor customer service, Recommended only if you want to experience some bad customer service. There are a few things that I wanted to do differently compared to other N26 reviews. To top up the account you can make transfers, while top-ups in cash can only be done on the PAM store line, however there are commissions of €3 per top-up and a maximum of €400 per operation can be recharged. Just how wrong I was will be explained in the following paragraphs.I applied for my account around the beginning of April 2020 and was accepted within literally minutes. Well, it would be naive to imagine the official N26 review page would be objective in the reviews they post on the website. That didn't happen, and I had to then call back the next day, was disconnected from my initial support call, and had to re-explain the entire situation to the next rep. N26 was founded in 2014 in Berlin, Germany, and is Europe’s fastest-growing mobile bank. Everything looks,feels and is so excellent. N26 en España. Do you agree with N26’s 4-star rating? Download the N26 app, open an account in minutes and start paying with your card before it even arrives in the m… 15$ with this referral code at registration :jeanbapl8861. It shall be the last because I don't find anything to worry about. You've already flagged this Read 1 more review about N26 Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore VJ Dolph 1 review. N26 offers very good benefits, commission-free withdrawals and free SEPA wire transfers, you can send money between N26 accounts immediately and the credit card comes home for free, within days, the card is a MasterCard. This is around the time that I began to suspect that N26 was not a real bank.My company’s accountant informed the ERTE social department of the bank account numbers of all the employees where I worked, including my new N26 account number. Since it's free, and easy to use, do try it out. Approximately 9% of total reviews … ¿Puedo retirar dinero gratis con mi tarjeta N26 cuando estoy en Cuba? You might have heard about Revolut from friends but never bothered to check what it's all about. Another good aspect are the money limits that you can spend and top up, they are very wide, indeed you can choose when you want to spend, by entering the limits in your account settings. N26 is a digital bank that connects to a smartphone app & provides a free physical bank card. Find out features of the N26 accounts, app and card, the fees that apply, security and if it's safe. Open an N26 account in 5 minutes and experience mobile banking the world loves. Since we launched N26 in 2013, we’ve always listened to your reviews and comments in order to deliver an even better product for … (Our review of Starling Bank is here for comparison.) Let’s start this N26 review with some background information. Revolut offers a better deal if you withdraw less than £/€1,333 per month abroad whereas N26 … I have respected the terms and conditions for the termination but suddenly they need more verifications arguing it is due to the amount of money in the account... then their latest trick is that the IBAN of my French account doesn't work to transfer the remaining funds, can you believe it ?it's been 3 weeks and I still can't close my account... made complaints to the BaFin and ODR but it's going to take month before they force N26 to close my account. 0 stars, If I could give 0 stars? Joke of a company - don't trust them with your $. N26 Bank – articles and information about online bank N26 which is available in Ireland . Can you imagine how I’m currently feeling, like I don’t have control over my money, I completely lost the trust. All rights reserved. My funds are locked and have bills to pay. The digital bank provides for a free of charge account, which can be opened in under ten minutes. N26 also offers a varied type of account, each one has advantages, the first two are free, have no type of fee or management cost and are:• The standard with its business variant (the one I chose), the only difference is that the business has 0.1% on all the expenses you do online and in physical stores.• The Smart, the You and the Metal are other accounts, they all have the Business variant, have a monthly cost from € 4.90 to € 16.90, offer various advantages, such as: wider limits, which at my choice those of the free are very large, and the possibility of requesting more credit cards than your account, plus you can take out various insurances, such as: car, on accidents, on suitcases and travel tickets, very good for those who travel often. I’ve used N26 for over a year now. I was absolutely stunned to find out that N26 do not have an agreement with the Spanish social security departments to handle these payments. After using N26, Europe's first mobile bank, for the past 8 months, I've put together a comprehensive N26 review to capture my thoughts on what … You might … ATM withdrawals: Tie. Very satisfied N26 is a pioneer in modern banking which means it can offer some useful advantages. He refused to give me his name or make a complaint about how he was handling my call. Charlie Barton Updated Dec 30, 2020. The N26 You (former N26 Black) card comes with an annual subscription and monthly fee of € 9.90. From a personal perspective: I got obsessed with "points hacking" a few years ago, and since then, I've developed an interest in the banking industry for many years. No hidden fees, no problem. N26 doesn’t charge a fee to use your debit card overseas, while Revolut charges 0 to 2 percent on the first €6,000 or equivalent and 2 percent after that. Get up to date with the latest news and stories about the company N26 at The Irish Times. I was asked for more information to be sent via the app, which I was unable to do. N26 Business – This account has no fees and has similar features to the previous ones. A truly global banking experience To enjoy this limited 15% off discount, simply sign-up for one of our accounts which offer a wide range of benefits and smart money management features. You can manage your accounts from your smartphone. At first It was the best bank I had, except for recently, It has been 2 full months I'm trying to get in touch with a n26 employee for a call.Finally got one, but saw it too late because of spam.The next day I received an email stating that they are closing my account in 14 days, and Don't want to give me any reason.This is injust because the cause could be i use it for business and they probably tough I'm using it for personal.That's maybe the reason why they are closing, but we can fix this.Why terminate the account without a y solutions or negotiation.Why so strict. Then in August, N26 said it had “nearly” hit the half a million-customer mark in the US. Naturally, all the reviews they chose to share are with flying high colors. In fact, everyone that I worked with was receiving payments except for me.I subsequently opened a chat session on my N26 app and asked if there was any reason that I was not receiving my ERTE payments into my account. But aside from competing over eye-watering valuations, it can be tricky to tell how the online digital banks are progressing — and who’s in the lead. Fact ... N26 is already operating in Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium and a wide range of other European countries. N26 Review – The Verdict In summary, N26 is a useful app for those of you that wish to access everyday banking services while on the move. ¿Estás de acuerdo con las 4 estrellas de N26? My experience is very positive, I have not encountered any problems and I find the customer service very good. 6€ for using another bank's ATM, 40€ a year for a basic credit card, 7€ a month for an account and so on. Yet as all-encompassing as it is, there’s still something missing: an N26 review specific to Denmark. You get a MasterCard that you can top-up and use for withdrawing cash at ATMs worldwide and making money transfers. (Our review of Starling Bank is here for comparison.) Read our N26 You review to find out more about the changes. So, if you're curious and considering signing up or just want to find out more, here's all you need to know. The N26 bank boasts a few great assets and different card options, which we will discuss in this article. It's licensed by the German Central Bank and operates in Ireland and other EU countries on a European Passport (a banking licence which allows a bank or financial institution which is licensed in one EU country to passport that licence to another country without having to get regulatory approval all over again). The premium bank account with a metal debit card. What does the free version of N26 offer? … N26 Review – The Verdict In summary, N26 is a useful app for those of you that wish to access everyday banking services while on the move. Closes unexpectedly if you minimize the window, also closes if you hit a frontend error and you lose the chat connection and any history.