Mexico also offers some of the most exquisite and delicious concoctions for chocolate lovers. Brands like Lucas, Pelon Pelo Rico, Hola, Tajin and Limon 7 are among some of the candy brands that use this delicious ingredient for their candies. Rio Grande Foods. Dont be fooled by copycats. Feedback ID San Marcos, CA 92078. . Shop by Category. Mexican Sodas; Topo Chico; Jarritos; Barrilitos; . Cajeta is a sweet caramel that is made from fresh cow or goat milk, it can be eaten alone or used as a topping on a variety dishes & candies. VA. Vanessa A. Alamo Candy Company Store. x. It is often found in Mexico's most popular candy brands, fruit sauces and for frozen confections such as slushies that are referred to as Chamoyada. Mexico Distributor Chicharron Mini Cuadro 5lbs. Get in Contact. PRODUCTOS NUEVOS. servicing convenience stores, grocery stores and more in Louisiana and South East Texas. Product: Mexico Distributor Papas Fritas Caja 100 Bolsas. We have been serving customers in the Houston area since 1970. . in 2006. Powered by Shopify. The first business model was purely distribution of our name brand candies which are traditional/artisanal candies which consist of dulce de leche, caramelized fruit, praline peanuts . Stop by our shop to access Mexican Coke, Mexican candies, chamoys, Chinese candy, lucas, dulce de leche, paletas, tamarindos and much more. Azteca box free shipping! Although thisresulted in an updated brand image, Dulces Colibri's core objectives remained unchanged. Alamo Candy Co. is one of the largest candy manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in San Antonio. PH: 713-944-1455. Dulcelandia offers a variety of over 1,000 Mexican and American confectionary products and provides the largest selection of piatas. Dulces Colibri has been the most excellent online shopping experience. Dismex Food, Inc. is a wholesale food distributor specializing in Mexican and Central American products since 1989. Orders $70+ get FREE SHIPPING. We have every thing you need to keep you restroom in tip top shape including disinfectants, deodorant sprays, automatic deodorant misters, hand soap dispensers, urinal screens and bowl blocks; folded paper towels, and toilet tissueincluding jumbo rolls are also in stock and ready to buy. TJ Candy is a California-based candy and sweet importer and distributor. Mexico's most popular brands that consist of tamarind based candies are Vero Lollipops, Lucas crazy hair & salsaghetti strips, Pulparindo tamarind pulp candy, Lorena Pelon Pelo Rico, Pica Gomas, & Dulces Tama-Roca. Spicy tamarind is also sold as spoon suckers & in small traditional clay jars. Includes wholesalers in the cities of Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso, Montgomery, Richmond, and the capital city of Austin. mexico beverage distributors. Nuestra empresa, Caramelo Candy . A year later, the second store was opened in the Mexican Little Village community. Chiclets. Alberts Mexican Products is a family owned business specializing in Mexican candies, sauces, beverages and snacks Contact us today for pricing and information. This unique blend of Tamarind, Mango, Watermelon, Chamoy, Chocolate and other flavors makes it stand out from other candies; unlike regular candy Mexican treats are not your typical sweet caramel candy. We have everything from Mexican Snacks, Candy and Chocolate to satisfy your cravings. Wholesale Pricing. Lollipops are also among Mexico's favorite sweets, there are a variety of flavors for all taste buds, and they can be spicy ranging from hot to mild or non spicy concoctions. 2023, Dulces Colibri 5025 Timberhill Ste 111, San Antonio, TX 78238 HELP Check our variety of products , excellent customer service and try the sweet taste of Mexico at My Mexican Candy. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. A vast majority of Mexican sweets contain tamarind, which is sweet and sour in taste. Please do NOT swap with someone unless they comment on your post first.. 2000-2022 LLC. About. Add to Cart. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. 557739 Coconut Candy, 5.29oz $0.99EA = $35.64 per CA Quantity. Please visit our website to see our selection of American & Mexican candy. Our products don't spend months on the road before they get to our customers. Our products are all about the love and dedication that every member of our family put on them. Dulces Colibri was officially open for business. Names you probably have not seen in years. San Diego, CA 92117, Join Our Newsletter to Receive Special Offers and Recipes by Email. Alamo Candy Co. has every type of Mexican candy imaginable. CLAIMED. Store Hours Saturdays Only 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Get directions. x. No matter where you are in the city, there is a Chicago candy and party favor store close by. $6.99. Commerce, CA 90040 Whats more, we offer free delivery as well as accept major credit cards or cash for your convenience. We carry all the top brands in the USA and Mexico. Prices and inventory are subject to change without notice due to market conditions. Quick view Details. SORT BY: PAGE SIZE: Banderitas | 36/CA. by using coupon code: MYBOX at checkout when you subscribe to our Colibri Sampler Subscription box. If a user PMs you and refuses to comment on this post, it means they are a scammer.. At Latino Factor, the people are the drivers of the organization. Wholesale items for Dollar Stores, Convenience Stores, Mini Marts, & More. Latino Factor provides Latino solutions to over 9,000 points of . Our friendly sales and delivery team look forward to providing you with . 11/1/2021. Mexican Candy Distributor. you offer them and how they are merchandised. For those who prefer non spicy treats, Mexican lollipops also offer sweet treats with a gum filling. And all with no membership fees! At Latino Factor,the people are the drivers of the organization. We strictly use the finest ingredients available and hand craft our products every step of the way. HIERBAS. Mexican Candy Land online store offers a large selection of Mexican candy online and Traditional Mexico Candy packages. We offer a variety of cookies that can be shipped to your local store at any time. Mexican lollipops often have a spicy tamarind or chamoy outer shell, as well as a chili powder filling. The company supplies to Convenience stores, Candy shops, Small grocery stores and ethnic specialty groceries, Specialty Shops and more. Bothell, Washington. 22 were here. TJ Candy import a large variety of Mexican sweet and distribute them to a variety of nationals clients, primarily consisting on candy stores, Cash and Carry franchises, and other smaller distributors out of its 22,000 Commerce warehouse. The uniqueness of Mexican candy & its variety of flavors, textures and shapes truly make it a work of art for the world. Throughout this era of COVID, we are dealing with unprecedented, lack of product availability - not just Alamo Candy Products and the, ingredients that we require for manufacturing, but also quite a few, national brands are having shipping and manufacturing difficulties as, well. Mexican Candy Duvalin Ricolino Bi Sabor Avellana Y Vainilla Wholesale Hazelnut and Vanilla Flavored Creme Cream Pudding Dulces Mexicanos (6 Packs of Duvalin (108 Pieces)) Sold Out. High quality source of wholesale items & general merchandise, Take advantage of volume discounts without membership fees, An account executive is ready to help with product, purchasing and shipping. Intelligent Mexican Marketing 2020 All Rights Reserved, Press Release: Latino Factor Certified as a Great Place to Work for 5th Year in a Row, Press Release: Latino Factor Named Great Place To Work for 4th Consecutive Year. Commerce, CA 90040Phone +1 (562) 463-8194Fax +1 (562) 692-4981. MXL is an industry leading full service importer and master U.S. distributor of top consumer packaged good brands with a deep industry knowledge in both Hispanic and General Markets. . Wrapped Candy. Welcome to Mexcor Importers- International wine and Spirits. RR. Since the beginning, everyone in the Viramontes household has been busy in the candy business, even the kids (Uriel, Ignacio Jr & Yazmin). Our store is the staple wholesaler and distributor for all your candy, concession and party needs. 2. Candy & Confectionery-Wholesale & Manufacturers Candy & Confectionery. In our large selection of products, you can find Mexican lollipops such as the popular Chupa Chups or the Rebanaditas Watermelon or Mango Flavor, you can also find sour candies or spicy candies like Pelonetes Or seasoning chili powders like Tajin. We also carry all the top Mexican Drinks, Hot Sauces, Detergents, Bleaches and Restaurant Supply. TX 77041. 15 Different Mexican Candy Mix Box. Quick view Details. M5 Corporation. Brand Marketing Manager. Sold Out. With generations of experience and an avant-garde attitude we are always ready to venture into your latest craze! by Hearst Media Services B & G Wholesale Distributing Inc. is the premier wholesaler of Cigarette, Tobacco, Candy and other Convenience store items in the Houston Area. When it comes to beverages for your restaurant, bar, taqueria, deli, catering business or for a party a home, come to Ruiz Distributing first! Joshua, TX. Call us today or stop by our store! What I love from Enchilositos Gummies are their jolly ranchers. And dont forget the piata for your childs next birthday celebration! Wholesale Toys - Yong's Trading Inc. Importers and distributors of Mexican groceries in the United States. For those looking for something a little special, our selection of wholesale nostalgic candy will take them on a trip down memory lane. Chamoy is not only a liquid treat, but comes in a thicker pasty consistency and in powder form such as the popular Miguelitos brand that can be eaten by itself or sprinkled onto other fruits and sweets. TJ Candy makes your day sweeter. PRODUCTOS PARA PALETERIAS. Lollipops are also known for their fruity flavor often made from mango, pineapple, strawberry, cherry and apricot, most of these fruity treats are also spicy. Proudly delivering authentic Mexican food directly to your door for over 22 years. Not only does our inventory include American candies and imported Mexican products, but we provide sweets that are created within our very own shop! Peanuts - Cashews - Mixed Nuts - Trail Mix. Join us as we set out to make the difference. mexican food distributors. To see the rest of our great selection, check our Product page or shop the many aisles of our store located at 7515 Long Point in west Houston. in some areas of Utah, Idaho, Nevada (Las Vegas) and Colorado (Mountains) Contact Us: 801-859-6707 Snacks at home Peloneta Del Puesto Pepino 10ct (Mexico) Regular price $2 98 $2.98. Our team will ensure the success of your next event or party. HOUSTON, TX, 77047. For the Hispanic market, the beverage category is all about flavors, the brands Sort by. If you cannot see a user's comment on your post but it appears on their profile, it means they are not authorized to participate in this community.. 8687 N Central Expy Ste 1030. Mexican Candy. We ship wholesale orders anywhere in the U.S. and we ship retail products through our website. Dallas, TX 75225. Being the lover of Mexican products like molcajete, hot sauce, Mexican candy, tequila, mexicangreen sauce, mole, hot sauce, pet supplies, avocado, charro hats, piata, mexican handcraft, etc. Shop all Mexican Candies. MXL'S VALUE PROPOSITION= FULL SERVICE. At Alamo Candy, we work hard to find the items youre looking for. Peloneta Del Puesto Sandia Watermelon 10ct (Mexico) . CLOSED NOW. Before they could realize it, their home had been turned into a mini candy factory. Long-haul, trucking companies are also having difficulties in finding drivers to. Remember, business owners and public alike are invited to shop here for convenience and discounted prices. Thats what youll find at Ruiz Distributing Company. In the late 90'sIgnacio Viramontesand his wifeMarthaalong with her sisterSilvia, noticed that although there was Mexican candy and Mexican inspired candy, there wasa lack ofhigh quality authentic Mexican candy. Mexican Food Importer and Distributor in Texas. Filters. Lucas Gusano Sour 10-Piece Pack. Click Here for Map. $6.99. Our Latino desserts specialize in the cookie category. buy it from an authentic online marketplace only. In 2003 the familymoved in to their very own candy shop. Many products we carry come from Mexico and Europe, and, each country has had issues with exporting and shipping. 5. x. Mexico Distributor Papas Fritas Caja c/100 Bolsas. Now you can also make your orders by phone. bubble gums, lollipops, piatas, sodas, party supplies, tamarind candy, chocolates and more. Our portfolio includes Mexican Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Jarritos, Jumex, Topo Chico mineral water and other Mexic, Our program identifies the key snack times to better provide your customers with the perfect snack for every occasion. APO/FPO Shipping Available - We supports our troops. deliver their products across the country. We know that there is always room for improvement, so customer feedback is always welcomed. Phone: (210) 396-7263 Address: 6900 San Pedro Ave. Suite 148 San Antonio, TX 78216 Our grocery & solutions portfolio offers brands such as MicheMix, the original michelada mix, and SerSano MariMaiz corn crackers. Check our variety of products , excellent customer service and try the sweet taste of Mexico at My Mexican Candy! Specialties: Our company, Caramelo Candy , was founded 10 years ago to promote Hispanic food products. Mexican grocery supplier in Texas. We represent the leading Latino brands from snacks and candy to beverages and groceries. This unique blend of Tamarind, Mango, Watermelon, Chamoy, Chocolate and other flavors makes it stand out from other candies; unlike regular candy Mexican treats are not your typical sweet caramel candy. Youll always find special items like bag-in-the-box Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Mr. Pibb, and Tonic Water for fountain beverage machines; keg beer along with complete set-ups and ice; a complete line of snow cone syrups, snow cone cups, pumps, and napkins. Specialties: 4 Aces Wholesale & Distribution is the largest Mexican Candy wholesale in North Texas. Our distributor network connects manufacturers and resellers with fast moving goods. Whether you're filling a pinata, want to serve some thematic candies alongside margarita, or just want a cultural and delicious candy to snack on, then bring some of these Mexican candies home today to enjoy. Local South Texas residents can't seem to get enough of our unbeatable selection. They consist of spicy & salty flavors, that dont overwhelm or empower the overall taste of the candy. OUR ONLINE STORE IS OPEN! We believe that 24 years of experience and knowledge in the industry has led. Products per page: 24 - 48. Mexican Candy at including Tamarindo, Mango, Watermelon, Chamoy, Cajeta, Chocolate, Dulces Tradicionales and more. Sweet & spicy is the most common flavor found among Mexican sweets. | All Rights Reserved. Isaac Sanchez . New. Welcome to Dulcelandia! A copy of the application can be obtained on the Customer Resources tab above. Our portfolio includes Mexican Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Jarrito's, Jumex, Topo Chico mineral water and other Mexic. 669-332-7127. Sorry, we have detected unusual traffic from your network. Click here to find out more about products we offer -->, 2017 Ruiz Distributing Company all rights reserved, All associated logos are registered trademarks of Ruiz Distributing Company. Beverages (216) Candy (874) Chips (70) Cleaning Supplies (106) Laundry (221) Foam & Plastic products (87) Best Sellers. Must have a Tax ID to buy. Dulcelandia offers a variety of over 1,000 Mexican and American confectionary products and provides the largest selection of piatas. Alamo Candy Co. is one of the largest candy manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in San Antonio. Our candy category goes beyond satisfying the spicy-sweet flavor of 'chile' that is a mainstay for Latino consumers. See our full catalog. We're here to help with special orders, pallet sized orders, and general candy questions. FRITURAS. Local South Texas residents cant seem to get enough of our unbeatable selection. Mexican Candy Limon7 Wholesale Salt and Limon Powder Polvo De Sal Y Limon Sour Anahuac Dulces Mexicanos (6 Bags of Limon7 (600 Pieces)) Sold Out. Candy | 36/CA. Another typical Mexican candy is the famous Chamoy, that uses apricot, plum or mango as its fruit base, it is sweet, sour & salty in taste. G&J Land & Marine Food Distributors, Inc. Foodcodirectory feedback form / Company Website Submission Form. Dulcelandia is the largest retail and wholesale distributor of Mexican candy in the Midwest, servicing the entire nation. View products. View products . Dont hesitate to contact us. Suite 1106 Content 2006 / 2020 Bargain Wholesale. From Business: Our mission is to provide the best quality Candy and Grocery selection from Mexico. View all 3 Locations. Come in and browse our full selection of brooms, wet mops, dust mops, squeegies, dust pans, mop buckets, wringers, and trash bags of all sizes.